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RD 425 Four door Universal Car Central Locking system with Remote control (4 DOOR ) FREE FITTING IN-STORE ONLY. 



RD 425 (4 DOOR) is a car alarm system that helps you lock and unlock your car with the help of remote. Its adds to the security of car as any unauthorized entry in your car is noticed by alarm in car and the flashers

  • Brands: RD

  • Door Installation Type: Four doors


    • Remote operated central door locking / unlocking
    • Alarms in case of unauthorized entry in vehicle
    • Indication of open door with flash
    • Manual center door locking / unlocking
    • Visible lock / unlock indicator to show the right status
    • Indication of open door at the time of alarming the system
    • Remote panic with siren chirp and light flash
    • Separate button for remote locking / unlocking
    • Silent arm & disarm
    • Visible and audible car locator
    • Auto re-arming
    • Reverse beeper
    • Reverse beeper mute facility
    • 36 months manufacturers warranty