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ELEGANT Memory Foam Lumbar Support Car Pillow Black



  • Now back pain is no pain. With Elegant lower back lumbar support pillow, you can feel the comfort seated in your car or your office desk. We deeply studied your seat profiles to give the best support for your for your back. The thick profile and high-quality memory foam built make Elegant lumbar support pillow provide extra support to your lower back. The memory foam cushion takes the shape of your body posture and the fur fabric cover gives it a soft gentle feel. Please note- Elegant Lumbar support pillow serves the best purpose of supporting your lower back mainly. Please check product dimensions before buying, for full back support please buy Elegant slim back pillow

  • Feature Detail
    Colour Black
    Foam Features  Memory foam cushion takes shape according to body posture
    Fabric Features Soft fur fabric with minimalistic embroidery pattern 
    Matainence Removable covering for easy washing
    Comfort Soft feel fur fabric, memory foam cushion
    Warranty 1-year warranty against colour fading or any manufacturing defects